Nashville Membership Terms

Payments: We make payments really easy online or as written in your contract. If you cannot make your membership payment on the agreed date, we'll have to charge a 5% late fee every week that it’s late and if not paid within 2 weeks membership will be ceased.

Non-Refundable Activation Fee: A non-refundable activation fee of $75 will be charged at the time you start your membership. This ensures you are properly on-boarded into the space, get a fancy key- fob, and attain access to all your membership has to offer (partnerships, online portals, etc).

Key fob Replacement: If your key fob is lost, it can be replaced at the cost of $40 USD.

Termination: We prioritize the health of our community over everything else, so WELD reserves the right to terminate membership at any time. If you should decide to terminate your membership with WELD, you must give formal notice of your dissolution by filling out our termination request. Please see your contract agreement for specific details of termination timelines.

Ceasing Membership: If you are a WELDer member you must notify WELD staff 30 days prior to the 1st of the month you are wanting to end your membership. It is a month to month membership with a minimum of 30 day notice prior to the next payment. All other members or teams that have additional amenities are able to refer to their contract to see information in regards to ceasing membership.

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Nashville Membership Terms

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