How to make drip
Step 1: PREP
-Open 3L Bunn lid and remove center piece. Press buttons on either side of the lid to open.
-Rinse out 3L Bunn to remove left over coffee, ensuring container is empty to avoid overflowing.

Step 2: SETUP
-Remove filter from coffee maker and throw away leftover filter.
-Add a new filter from bottom shelf below coffee station.
-Grind two metal tins of whole beans and pour into filter.

  • To Grind: remove lid, add coffee beans, replace lid. Make sure setting is on coarse and 12 cups. Press grind. (Machine will automatically stop.)
    -Grind one more tin of coffee and add to filter.
    -Replace filter-holder to coffee machine and place 3L Bunn under filter.

Step 3: BREW
-Tap screen once to display brewing options.
-Hold option 1 until brew time starts.

Step 4: SHARE
-When brewing is completed, replace center, close lid and enjoy!

How to make Chemex

Step 1: PREP

  • Heat water
  • Rinse filter in Chemex (quite well) and discard water, replace filter
    (positioning the three folds toward the spout)
  • Weigh 67g coffee (Grab a tin can filled with beans off the container wall - it's pre-measured)
  • Fill kettles and heat water

Step 2: SETUP

  • Grind coffee
  • Weigh 65g coffee into chemex
  • Create divot in bed and tare scale
  • Just before boiling, remove kettle and let water settle

Step 3: BLOOM

  • Tare scale
  • Saturate coffee with 120g of water
  • Let bloom for ~30 seconds

Step 4: BREW

  • Pouring slowly in a spiral from the center, add enough water to raise slurry about
    halfway up the cone -after first pour, stir the slurry to ensure full saturation
  • Continue adding water slowly in stages, submerging the crust as you go and
    letting the slurry drop before adding water to bring it back to the same level.
  • After crust has dissipated, pour into center of chemex
  • Try to add all water by 3:00
  • Once you’ve add 1100g water, give it a final stir and let drain (aiming for flat or
    slightly domed bed).

How to make Cold Brew

Follow Crema's beautiful tutorial HERE


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