DALLAS: WELD provides a limited amount of equipment for members to use in the studio. We maintain and repair normal wear and tear on this equipment. Gear provided by WELD must not leave the premises without prior permission from a staff member. A good portion of our studio gear was donated by our friend Dave Dixon.

WELD Dallas Gear:

  • 1 Westcott 5 in 1 reflector kit
  • 4 C-stands
  • 5 studio light stands
  • 1 Superboom
  • 1 twelve foot studio tripod
  • 1 nine foot studio tripod
  • 3 large window diffusers
  • 5 Eight foot V-flats
  • 1 Clothing rack
  • 2 Nine foot portable walls

Any gear left in the studio from other members to be shared must be maintained by the community, and is not the responsibility of WELD.

NASHVILLE: We will be purchasing equipment for our studio over the next few months. If you have any studio gear you are looking to contribute, please let us know.