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When you become a member - we are always sure to find you and follow you during your on-boarding process. We feature different work on various platforms so the easier it us for us to find you (hint: do all the things below) the easier it is for us to promote your work. (Don't worry, we are pretty good about that whole tagging and photo cred thing. As in - EVERYONE will definitely know it is YOUR work.)

Here are some WELD branding tips when you post:

  • Always use WELD, not weld. (No one likes a wimpy weld)
    -Use the geotag that pops up at your location so others can see what other WELDers are working on around the space.
  • Tag WELD, Retweet WELD, Share WELD, Like WELD, Double-tap WELD -- you know #ALLTHETHINGS
  • We love the hashtag #WeCreateWELD and hope you do too!

We love to see posts about what you're creating with others, fun experiences as an independent freelancers and quirky creative opinions. We strive to be a creative community of people who want the best for each other, in person and online!

If you have any questions regarding social media, let us know!

Social Media

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