Dallas Membership Terms

  • Headphones: No headphones: Approach me, talk to me, I'm not doing anything important. One ear covered: Talk to me but make it fast. Both ears covered: Don't approach me… I'm slammed. You are great but let's talk later :-)

  • LABEL ALL YOUR STUFF: Including laptop chargers, camera batteries, everything… if something is lost, it's on you.

  • Food in the fridge: No name, free game. Our fridge is emptied every Friday at 4:00pm. If you want to hang onto food or tupperware through the weekend, please take it home before then.

  • If there's a problem, talk to us about it! Don't let it fester.

  • Guest Policy: Feel free to bring in guests and show them around. If your guest wants to camp out and work for awhile, they need to get a day pass through the Community Manager. Please no clients or guests outside of business hours without prior notice of the WELD staff.

  • Non-Refundable Activation Fee: A non-refundable activation fee of $75 will be charged at the time you start your membership. This ensures you are properly on-boarded into the space, get a fancy key-fob, and attain access to all your membership has to offer (partnerships, online portals, etc).

  • Usage of Space: WELD is a place for work and some play, not vice versa. If you are lookin' to party with your friends, skeedaddle.

  • Public Space & Intellectual Property: We're all on the same team, act that way. Make other WELDERs look awesome in front of their clients…and we ask that you don't promote yourself to other people's clients. Doing this could result in membership termination. And don’t steal other people's ideas, help them do it better instead.

  • Payments: We make payments really easy online. If you cannot make your membership payment on the agreed date and don't tell us, we'll have to charge a 5% late fee every week that it’s late without explanation. Talk to us if you’re having trouble making a payment. We’re more than happy to work with you!

  • Consent to Use of Data: We can use anything you do on our servers to improve our service. This also means we can see if you do anything that compromises the integrity of the community and the sweet internet speed.

  • Internet Access: With great power comes great responsibility. WELD doesn’t block online content so that you can always find what you need. That being said, we are also not responsible for malware or viruses that you may pick up from untrusted websites. We ask that you browse intelligently. Our internet is guaranteed by our ISP to be up 99.97% of the time… but we do apologize if the apocalypse happens and we lose wireless signal.

  • No Liability: If stuff goes down, we can't be held liable for it unless we willfully neglect it.

  • Access to Space: We will have to fix things from time to time. It may briefly cramp your work-style. But we’ll try to keep that to a minimum. We are only doing this because we love you and want you to have an amazing experience.

  • Condition of the Space: If you break it, you’ll have to buy it. WELD and our amazing Interior Designer have the decorating covered. Please leave everything the way it is, but chat with us if you have a solution / suggestion.

  • Insurance: Renter’s insurance is encouraged, but not required. WELD is a safe place, but it’s still a good idea to have extra coverage. I mean, Tornado Alley. Hello.

  • Office/Property Abandonment: IF we ever break up, We’ll make sure you take your stuff with you… but we'll do everything we can to keep ya happy!

  • Available Service & Rates: We’re working hard to improve WELD every day and as we do some services may come and go. We will always provide power, air conditioning, coffee, fast internet and great space for shooting & working. The rate at which we are able to provide these basics and the amenities that we provide may vary.

  • Key fob Replacement: If your key fob is lost, it can be replaced at the cost of $40 USD.

  • Termination: We ask that you abide by this agreement, or we’re going to have to ask you to leave. We prioritize the health of our community over everything else, so WELD reserves the right to terminate memberships at any time. If you should decide to terminate your membership with WELD, you must give formal notice of your dissolution by filling out our termination request. To be applicable to dissolve this agreement for the following calendar month, we request a notice of at least 15-30 days. Failure to comply with either of these terms in dissolving your membership will result in a penalty varying on level of membership ($75 for lite, $175 WELDER).

Questions about any of this? We’d love to help -- come let us know!

Dallas Membership Terms